Information Discovery & Chirpitude

My Professional Persona Primer for Twitter post didn’t get a lot of play, but it did elicit a thoughtful comment or two.

I use Twitter for informational discovery – to find out who’s working on what and what I should know.

I also use it for inspiration – for brain roughage, gray matter fuel, endorphin triggers, and to jostle my melon’s opiate receptors.

The imagined value of most communication can be chalked up to hindsight bias or similar cognitive errors. ~Garry Smith

My informational snacking is often healthy, but I’ve had to work at choosing the right diet. Some examples of healthy snacks from today’s TweetDeck are:

  1. Please do not name your #Agile Teams after products. When you sunset the product, the team freaks out. – 7thpixel
  2. The best decisions I ever made were when I decided to work with the smartest people I could find. – Marissa Mayer
  3. When writing the values section of a persona, if someone says “for example…”, that’s a test in disguise. – David Hussman

But unhealthy snacks abound in the informational grocery store. Some examples of junk food from today’s TweetDeck included:

  1. Heading to convention center. Favorite red shirt activated and working nicely. – name withheld
  2. Still packing and moving things – name withheld
  3. It’s Official: The Tesla Roadster Sport Is A Babe Magnet – Silicon Valley Insider

Just because nobody complains, doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect ~Benny Hill

To cultivate and harvest heirloom info from Twitter, we knowledge gardeners must eradicate the invasive interlopers of chirpitude.

Unless you are visiting this post from a parallel universe via a topological space-time wormhole, chirpitude is new to your lexicon. As a courtesy, I invite consultation with The Dictionary…

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